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We would like to give thanks to the Center for Pacific Islands Studies and the following individuals who have helped to facilitate and develop both the content and design of the data portal. We thank the following Marshallese colleagues for their advice, information, and support: Alfred Capelle, Michael Kabua, Carmen Bigler, Hilda Heine, Nancy Vander Velde, Ione Heine deBrum, Herbert Shoniber, Winjang Ritok, Ermi Rilometo, Jerike Lavin, Likito Lajar, Rev. Kanki Amlej, Tomo Lajio, Lina Tareo, and all the Marshallese people who provided assistance.

We also acknowledge the significant contributions of Dr. Lawrence Hamilton, Dr. James Juvik, Dr. Thomas Keene, and Dr. James Maragos for their research and scientific contributions to the orginal research. Many thanks also to Dr. Julie Walsh Kroeker, and Dr. Byron Bender for their contributions. Thanks as well to Dr. Dirk Spennemann for allowing us to use his illustrations. All photographs, unless acknowledged otherwise, were taken by Mark Merlin. Much of the research and photography that is the background for this portal was supported by funding from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawai`i.



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